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To 10 Account Receivable Services Companies - 2022

As the global economy recovers from the disruptive effects of the pandemic, the need to reduce overheads, collect payments, and grow a business with robust cash flows has become a top priority for organizations. In response, the market for accounts receivable solutions and services is undergoing a significant expansion. The global accounts receivable market is expected to grow from USD 3.3 billion in 2022 to USD 6.5 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 14.2 percent.

This market growth is propelled by companies seeking methods for improving their working capital function to build business resilience and better prepare for future disruptions. Companies are also increasingly digitalizing their payment and invoicing operations for faster invoice processing and reduced delays in payment collection, further driving the growth of the accounts receivable market.

This edition of Insurance CFO Tech Outlook shines light on the key developments in the accounts receivable space and how organizations are leveraging the latest tech solutions and services to streamline their payments, invoicing, and other financial operations. It features thought leadership articles from Jakub Chrzanowski, Head of Client Services Account Management, ING Bank Slaski, ING Poland, and Brad Agee, Vice President-Accounts Receivable Manager, Amegy Bank. They speak about how the digitalization of corporate treasury processes has the ability to ease corporate finance management for organizations and dispel unfavorable notions about account receivable financing to showcase its role in optimizing business cash flows.

Along with these, the edition features Debt Recovery Resources, a company bringing a suite of financial management services that includes accounts receivable management, commercial debt recovery, asset and liability investigations, and legal forwarding. With a two-pronged approach, Debt Recovery Resources aids organizations in streamlining their invoicing operations while ensuring improved payment collection rates.

In this edition featuring top accounts receivable solutions providers and service companies, we hope you find the appropriate company to enhance and optimize your payments and invoicing requirements.

    To Account Receivable Services Companies

  • Debt Recovery Resources (DRR) provides companies with a whole spectrum of commercial debt recovery services, ranging from accounts receivable management and commercial debt recovery to asset and liability investigations and legal forwarding

  • Alorica


    Alorica is a BPO business for customer service that provides outsourced services for all client interactions. It also offers customer lifecycle-spanning outsourced solutions for customer management. Alorica provides a unified customer experience across all service channels, including customer acquisition and sales, customer care and support, logistics and fulfillment.

  • Atradius Collections

    Atradius Collections

    Atradius Collections is a crucial holding company within the Atradius N.V. organization and works closely with Atradius Credit Insurance and Atradius Re. As part of the Atradius Group, we have more than 90 years of experience in the worldwide credit management sector and retain a strong position by combining our shared history, expertise, and reputation. This ensures we deliver when it comes to collecting delinquent payments, outsourcing customers’ receivables management, and assisting them along the path to expansion

  • Encore Capital Group

    Encore Capital Group

    Encore Capital Group is a global specialty finance firm with operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Through its international subsidiaries, Encore purchases or services the receivables portfolios of major banks, credit unions, and utility companies. Customer service and regulatory compliance are the cornerstones of our business, which is reflected in our collections strategy.

  • Financial Recovery Services

    Financial Recovery Services

    Financial Recovery Services offers individualized solutions for collections and receivables management, in addition to auditing, monitoring, and data protection.

  • GC Services

    GC Services

    GC Services provides organizations in the public as well as the private sector with a comprehensive selection of accounts receivable solutions and customer service solutions.

  • IC System

    IC System

    IC System is a corporation that handles accounts receivable with a location outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. Ruth and Jack Erickson founded the company in 1938, and it has been family-owned throughout its eighty-year existence. It is currently led by the third generation of Erickson family members. The organization was founded on the concept of delivering honest and ethical service, and it is devoted to implementing policies based on its own moral code to improve financial outcomes for both customers and consumers.

  • iQor


    iQor delivers enterprise solutions for customer contacts, product support, data and analytics, and iQor LinQ. iQor offers outsourcing and intelligent customer interaction solutions. Their 14,000 professionals in 31 global Centers of Excellence are committed to understanding the DNA of each customer

  • NCS


    Since 1970, NCS has been the leader in offering credit experts in the United States and Canada proactive solutions to secure receivables, reduce credit risk, and increase profitability. NCS provides web-based services including LienFinderTM, The National Lien Digest, LienTracker® Online, and The Job App. These resources aid in the management of credit risk, offer time and information needs, track deadlines, and produce notifications

  • PRA Group

    PRA Group

    PRA Group restores capital to banks and other creditors to assist grow financial services for consumers in the Americas and Europe. PRA Group is a global leader in the acquisition and collection of nonperforming loans. Companies within the PRA Group cooperate with customers to assist them in resolving their debt and offer a vast array of additional revenue and recovery services to commercial and government clients