More4Apps: Wizards to Import Data into Oracle

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More4Apps: Wizards to Import Data into Oracle

CIO VendorBrad Sayer, Support and Design Manager & Co-Founder
Back in the year 2000, Brad Sayer along with a small group of consultants in New Zealand, identified a recurring problem for users of Oracle E-Business Suite, one of the largest ERP systems in the world. As consultants working with Oracle Projects, the group agreed that the data upload and maintenance process was too tedious for end-users, who were often required to upload hundreds or thousands of records in Oracle E-Business Suite on a regular basis. While APIs and gateways existed to improve this process, no user-friendly forms or business processes were available for these. To addresses this data upload issue and accelerate the procedure of entering electronic data into the Oracle E-Business Suite, they formed the More4Apps group of companies and designed Excel-based, user-friendly front-end tools––referred to by the company as Wizards or business process enablers––that allow users to enter and update data in Oracle E-Business Suite with ease, at a higher speed and accuracy rate. “Our goal was to allow the end-users to upload data into Oracle and take the load off the IT teams to perform the data entry or correct resulting exceptions, all of which is possible with our Wizards. Moreover, by using the Wizards, users can also update and maintain existing data through the same supported gateways,” explains Brad.

Now with a presence in California, London and Brisbane, More4Apps’ portfolio consists of over 30 products or Wizards for different industry verticals, among which seven are designed for the Accounts Receivable function, including Customer Master-Data, Sales Quotes and Orders, Transactions, Receipts, and Pricing. Using these Wizards, an organization’s employees can enter data in Excel and send that through to Oracle E-Business Suite electronically using the supported interface gateways and APIs. “Our Wizards are in tabular form and require just a single click for organizations to upload their master or transactional data across all of the Oracle forms as compared to the many steps that are required in the HTML forms, for example, in Oracle,” says Brad.

Our Wizards remove the interface support load from IT teams to enable end-users to completely process their own data create/updates in Oracle E-Business Suite

More4Apps allows its clients to download zip files of Wizards directly from their website, thereby making it relatively easy for them to install the Wizards and start trialing them on their EBS instances without engaging the IT team as no consulting is required to get up and running with these intuitive tools.

More4Apps has also developed a product called Application Interface Wizard, with a focus on allowing businesses to build their own Excel front-end solutions to mitigate all the hassle that organizations face during mass data uploads and updates often with tight deadlines and busy teams. Businesses can resolve data entry pain-points by leveraging this Wizard to build their own loaders for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Recently, More4Apps associated with a large Atlanta-based company that manufactures innovative lighting systems. The client was expanding their footprint and had acquired another business. However, when they encountered difficulties in uploading master data from the new acquisition to meet accounting deadlines, they approached More4Apps for assistance. With the help of its Wizards, More4Apps aided the client in uploading thousands of company records that they had acquired, without engaging their in-house IT team. The Wizards scalability and flexibility further helped the client to upload and maintain any amount of data into the Oracle database without any obstacles.

More4Apps is now planning to develop new products by leveraging its partnership with Oracle and moving products over to the Oracle Cloud. “With thousands of trusting users of our Wizards globally, we are committed to enhancing the effectiveness of the offerings to continue on this path, where we not only improve our own business but also help clients do the same,” concludes Brad.

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